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got this new thing called email. see ya later internet!


the scoreboard don't show you how the game was won

I bet if this song was issued with the rest of the puberty videos they show in school the term wallflower would slowly die out.

Met some old dude from Norway today. He said he was a viking, but I bet I weighed more than him so I'm not holding his claim too sincerely. That, and he had a computer cable. What's a viking doing with a computer?

Went home for thanksgiving

Grace is into that new radiation-chic movement


This is what I have to put up with here. It's crap.

Also, cell phones, man. I think some people just don't even realize they are texting. There was some girl in a class with me several semesters back, and she would text incessantly. The class was maybe nine kids all sitting in a semi-circle. Besides the fact that it was obvious, it's just rude. It seems texting is so ubiquitous that people no longer think it's offensive. I don't know. This happens a lot at theater shows and concerts. I feel like there is no reason to even have your phone on during these events. Fifteen years ago, no one would be able to get a hold of you, so what does it matter. If you are going to class, a show, etc etc, you must commit to that event for the one, two hours and just ignore if Brittany changes her relationship status or whether Gunther commented on that sweet pic of you winning the butt pong championship. Some things are worth discussing: whether or not one should eat meat, shooting film or digital, one shot of malort or the whole bottle. But leaving your cell phone on during an event you chose to go to is pointless.

ranting sucks.

sat next to some lady on the plane. she was whining about the heat and talking on her cell phone when we were trying to take off. i was kind of bored with her, and talked with the stewardess instead. the guy across from me was kind of big, all around, and it was a tiny plane. he had our sympathies. when we landed the lady next to me asked me how i like my book - o'connor - i said she was cool and the lady concurred, so maybe she wasn't so bad.

oh, the nba of yore:

(ron ron at the 2:29 mark is pretty classic)

boston sucks, but this is pretty good:
good on, simmons.

missed out on the dipset reunion show.
that's cool. went hiking on a mountain instead.

oh and slick rick

did u hear about the two antennas that got married?
the wedding was awful, but the reception was great!

mike g says: i ain't gotta obama shirt to say the least, i won't carry around a president that's not deceased


Joe Frazier is too ugly to be champ

For Ali's 50th Birthday Celebration there was a video compilation of his famous interviews with buddy, Howard Cosell. Some dingus has since removed the video from the internet. Here are some scraps.


Yob art

Will proper update soon, whatever.

Reading some things and hearing the same conversation about all ages shows. I sort of understand getting bummed on it, but really... people always seem to forget that they were young once. Like when random adults yell at a stranger's kid in the line at the bank for being unruly. Chill man. Everyone's picked their boogers and put the empty milk carton back in the fridge.

OddFuture (who seems to be the only thing i've talked about in the past month) posted this in regards to their all ages show in LA coming up. Makes more sense that any dingus over 21 arguing against all ages shows:

"Fucking Swag. Some Fucking Idiot Gave Us An ALL AGES Show In Los Angeles. In Reality, This Could Be A Living Hell For Any One Over 22 With A Job Who Takes Life Serious, Simply Because of The Level Of Not Giving A Fuck And Immaturity That Will Be Present In The Building. That Will Make The Show More Fun In Our Opinion. To The Kids That Can Finally Come, I Would Have Mom Purchase These Tickets NOW! Because All The Faggot Label Heads And Magazine Writers And Bloggers Are Going To Snatch These Up, And It’s Nothing More Annoying That People At The Show That’s Not There Because They Love The Music And Live For That Shit; They’re There Because They Want A Fucking Raise. All These People Are Pedophiles And They Just Want To Fuck Us. So Please, If You’re A Fan, The One That Writes This Shit On Your Skateboard And Listen To This Everyday…PLEASE, Make Sure You Swag This Ticket Out. This Is Home. Los Angeles. This Show Will Mean More For Us Because This Is Where It Started. And If Not, Do It For EARL. So He Can Hear This Shit From Where Ever The Fuck He Is."

Tell me you'd rather go see Animal Collective at the Mercury Lounge or whatever over 21 venue. Riiiiight.


I'm like a chromosome I always x'em


I've held out for probably too long. Got some of that Jerry Jones optimism, but it's time to start pointing the finger. A new Diet Dr. Pepper diet and a Harvard degree has amounted to a 1-6 record. I can't decide what sucks more: the fact that the Cowboys got routed by the Jags or that Grace can't fully understand my situation, which then of course makes me feel like an idiot for investing any emotion into a sports team that is no way related to me.

GET VOUCHED already.


Instead of getting that romantic, longing tug every time I see a commercial of some goober driving his new Lincoln listlessly through wooded terrain, I decided to ride over to Forest Park. It's an apt name, but kind of uninspired. I'm glad I found this dope spot now that winter is encroaching. Oh well. Maybe go do runs here.

Alas, because it is NYC there is always the fuzz of traffic. Retarded.

Here's our kitchen. Let's dissect. Soymilk, plain. I prefer real milk or vanilla if it has to be soy. I'm a child of the eighties, grand, decadent. Messenger bag, probably means there's a bike in the apartment somewhere. To further carry the illusion of bike messenger, working hero for the internet generation. Franzen's "The Corrections." Don't want people to think I'm a bandwagon reader. I was onto him way before I saw the review on Pitchfork. This is boring.

Grace hooked it up the other day with getting me this sweet copy of "Dirty Work." I read it this summer and though I was impressed, I'm still going to say the movie version was better.

An advertisement over the webpage. I couldn't figure out how to get it off. I hate the internet.

Found this. The internet is so cool sometimes.

And now some commercials I enjoy with little thought to their products, politics, alliances, etc.
Some of these, I realize are old - "played out" - but whatever. And, also, Americana is "in" right now, it makes sense, the only logical response to all the anger the young kids had during the Bush administration. I'm not really concerned with that right now though.

I keep watching that trailer for the new Ben Affleck movie. It's disgusting. It really pisses me off. I don't come from a long line of extreme poverty, but it's so obviously offensive that I wonder why no one is talking about it. Maybe they are; I'm not really looking. Is it even out yet? Really, I just don't get it. Maybe it's more dramatic to see a family that has everything then to watch them lose it only to see them enact some sort of revenge or reclamation of their possessions or whatever the movie is supposed to do, than to watch a family that already only has two dates on their calendar (1st and 15th), is surrounded by a community that is neglected, and then see the one member in that family that was able to hold a job for three weeks lose it. Maybe this is the Tea Party's "Amistad" or something.

The NBA started. Roy Hibbert lost some weight and is making moves to be MIP this year. Oklahoma City is the sexy pick, but it's hard to root against them. Deng dropped 40 last night, with Rose doing 39 or something the night before. The Bulls might actually get it together.

Started watching, cautiously, the Knicks. I'm not converting, but I don't really like any other professional New York franchise. Maybe there's some respect there, like "hey we killed it back in the mid-late nineties, but we suck now so it's cool to root for one another."

Gotta love Reggie "God, I'm trying so hard to find a catchphrase" Miller.

Going to go mail pictures of Brett Favre's wiener to everyone at Valley Ranch

peter out